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How To Make A Profitable Offer On ANY Property

Joe Crump outlines how you can make a profitable deal on any profitable using zero down deals.

This video by Joe Crump walks you through how to make a profitable offer on any property. He talks about a zero down hypothetical deal structures and the different ways that you can make offers on different properties and different situations.

It is important to remember that you can make an offer on any property that will be profitable for you. It may not always be acceptable to the seller, but can still be a profitable offer to you. Therefore, you want to find ways to do it that is deemed acceptable to the seller. Indeed, you can always make crazy offers, but they are offers that are only profitable to you, and not at all for the seller. So, it is a good idea to find ways to overcome this, and to make it work for them but also makes you money.

This video uses a real-life example of a property valued at $600K and on the market for $625K with a mortgage of $580K. Joe Crump thoroughly goes through this example and how to come about making a deal that is profitable to the buyer, and is likely to be accepted by the seller.

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