Open work: The revolution and User guide
Originally published: 06/05/2020 09:49
Publication number: ELQ-50422-1
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Open work: The revolution and User guide

The highest performing companies in today's market have adopted an open working model.

This Best Practice focuses on a evolutionary model 'the open working model' that has come into play in recent years. The 'open work' model aims to mobilise, orientate and add value to human capital. The days of the inherited managerial model have gone, as we look to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

After reading our latest BP, you will get an insight on how to adopt an Open working model into your working culture, emphasising the company vision and essential control functions at the center point of model implementation. Highlighting the importance of open work for allowing companies to move with agility in the middle of uncertain periods as the flexibility can enable quick seizure of opportunities. This is followed by two tips on how to be successful with an open work model. Starting with the use of collaborative technology and finishing with the key to finding your "subversive agents' to contribute to the implementation of such a model. We believe that with these two tips combined companies will succeed in their adoption of the open work model. In the upcoming years, the open work model is soon to become popular and will influence a large number of companies.

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