Emergency Drill Matrix
Originally published: 11/09/2020 17:04
Last version published: 02/12/2022 13:16
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Emergency Drill Matrix

A template for scheduling and logging emergency drills to show evidence of drills and monitor drill performance

Do you need a template to schedule your emergency drills for the year and log your regular drills to maintain documentary evidence of your emergency preparedness?This Drill Matrix is a simple template for scheduling, analyzing, and reporting drill performance. Users can effectively to on their emergency preparedness using this template.The template comprises;The Approved list:- for setting your foreseeable emergency scenarios and the respective type of drill exercises and their frequencies.The Drill Matrix is the source data sheet where the various emergency exercises are populated with their frequencies for a user to set their schedule by weeks for the year. Users can select P implying planned or D for drilled and both conditionally formatted with red and green respectively.The Drill Log provides the template for logging all drills taking into account the date of drill, type of exercise, time initiated and completed, scenario for the exercise, persons in attendance, and then any observations can be actioned on an action plan by providing the root cause, corrective action, person responsible, target date, due days which is tracked automatically, action priority and the action status. The Dashboard shows the individual count of drills, drill performance, and the overall drill score on beautifully designed bar charts and progress charts.The Drill Report shows the counts of drills for the various emergency scenarios to give an overview of drills conducted.The Drill performance shows the percentage completion of drills as per the schedule for the year to five overall performance for an emergency drill.Your emergency drill scheduling, executing, logging, and reporting just got easier and better. This is a Microsoft excel file hence no installation is required and can run on both Windows and Mac with Microsoft Excel 2013 (+ Later Versions)

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A template for scheduling and logging emergency drills to show evidence of drills and monitor drill performance

Emergency preparedness and response procedure

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