Waterfall Chart Excel Template
Originally published: 26/02/2019 13:58
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Waterfall Chart Excel Template

An effective tool for quickly working out financial changes over a period.

It’s one of the most useful tools that a finance professional can hold in their inventory, and this Waterfall Chart from seasoned startup financial director Brian Weisberg provides a brilliant no-nonsense template for all.

A Waterfall Chart is a type of graph in which data is plotted in order to show the cumulative effects of consecutive positive/negative values. These values are commonly inserted according to time, but can also be category based. These are incredibly useful tools for presenting data in a digestible fashion, allowing the user to quickly understand any changes in revenue or profit in different time periods.

The Excel template is entirely customizable. The user is able to easily insert their own category names and titles. Also, the entire document is open to being edited in order to create your own bespoke and branded model.

The model has been created so that even inexperienced financial modelers are to be catered for. All actionable cells are colored yellow, meaning that the user can easily navigate their way around and instantly see the effects of any data changes in the tables reflected in the charts.

Brian Weisberg has now worked as the financial leader for six startups, and thanks to his philanthropic nature, is excited to provide other startup founders and finance enthusiasts with the know-how that he has accumulated over a number of growth and performance focused positions in high potential businesses.

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