Where Is The Money? Agency Finances Explained
Originally published: 24/02/2020 12:37
Publication number: ELQ-13446-1
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Where Is The Money? Agency Finances Explained

This book explains Agency Finances to anyone interested in improving the profitability of their creative agency.

Life is too short for complicated spreadsheets. Understand Your Numbers; Reduce the Risk of Failure; Increase Profits and Improve Your Quality of Life. To help everyone faced with too much complexity when they look at their Agency’s numbers I've written this book. It is not accounting textbook but I explain what really drives an Agency's financial performance.

It focuses on the basic questions. I suggest answers and how they can be applied to improve profits, increase cashflow and generally make life better.

It is the result of 20 years’ experience. 20 years of finding what works and what doesn't. 20 years of focussing on the essentials.Over that time, I’ve learned the most important thing is to keep things as simple as possible. This is my attempt to break the foreboding topic of Finance into bit size, digestible and easy to understand chunks.

I’ve broken the book into five sections that deal with common themes. Section 1 looks at the basics reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow) as well as looking at the most important figure you need to understand; revenue.

Section 2 looks at how to measure client profitability and how that highlights issues in your business. Having the right mix of clients and having the right relationships with them is vital.

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