B2B SaaS Acquisition Cost Excel Model Template
Originally published: 12/02/2019 13:23
Publication number: ELQ-14747-1
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B2B SaaS Acquisition Cost Excel Model Template

Easy-to-use CAC tool for your SaaS business, perfect for quickly working out your break-even points.

This B2B SaaS Acquisition Cost financial model, from experienced startup finance executive Brian Weisberg, allows you to better understand your business’ acquisition costs and set targets for your sales and marketing team.

The acquisition cost, in business terms, is one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for measuring a company’s growth and efficiency. It is worked out by calculating all of the necessary costs involved with obtaining new customers; such as trial periods, advertisement, and sales team costs.

The Acquisition Cost Budget Tool takes into account both the Budget Available per Customer and the Budget per Funnel Stage. The calculator provides you with a timescale for the break even point, as well as the revenue necessary to reach the point.

This Excel template will enable you to understand when you will break-even from a specified investment to acquire customers, or convert leads, and what you can afford to invest in acquiring customers or leads based on a target break-even point.

This calculator is simple to execute, even for those inexperienced in using financial models for their business. Actionable cells are clearly identifiable, and the rest is automatized for you. The tool is an easy plug-and-play, perfect for quickly answering your isolated sales and marketing investment questions.

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