How to Classify Data | Types of Data
Originally published: 26/11/2018 13:57
Publication number: ELQ-12002-1
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How to Classify Data | Types of Data

Read our article to find out the two main ways of classifying data.

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    Types of data | Categorical Data

    We can classify data in two main ways – based on its type and on its measurement level.

    Let’s start from the types of data we can have. There is categorical and numerical data.

    Categorical data describes categories or groups. For example, car brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi – they show different categories. Another instance is answers to yes and no questions. If I ask questions like:
    Are you currently enrolled in a university?
    Do you own a car?
    Yes and no would be the two groups of answers that can be obtained.
    This is categorical data.

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