Wholesale Investment Excel Calculator
Originally published: 29/04/2019 15:44
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Wholesale Investment Excel Calculator

This is an ROI calculator for wholesale companies looking to invest in new product lines.

This is a Return on Investment calculator for wholesale companies looking to introduce new product lines and want to calculate their break-even sales volume and ROI with given assumptions.

Containing the key metrics specific to a wholesale company, this model comes with detailed instructions. It is ready to download and use instantly.

Within this MS Excel spreadsheet are the following worksheets:

- Assumptions: These allow input of key wholesale assumptions, such as area of warehouse premises, rent, public utilities, interest rate per annum, and employment taxes and benefits.

- Sales Structure: This worksheet shows the sales structure for each retailer

- Sales: This section allows for evaluation of four different scenarios following an investment.

- Purchases: This model evaluates facilitating the purchases for each product group.

- NPV Plan: This will give you a strong idea as to whether the project will generate a sufficient return on investment.

- NPV Chart: Shows your projected development over time and in chart-form.

- Solver

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