The Ultimate Startup Funding Pitch Deck
Originally published: 03/11/2017 13:57
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The Ultimate Startup Funding Pitch Deck

Downloadable Pitch Deck Template along with explanatory article providing great tips and examples.

Even excellent startups haven't raised all of their money between themselves. Seeking investment to raise money for your startup is difficult at any point and so, it's necessary to have a really good pitch. This even applies to experienced entrepreneurs with substantial traction in their business.

Chance is CEO of and has raised millions worth of venture capital and angel investment. He has also invested as a venture capitalist and angel, and Crowdfunder has had over 35,000 businesses upload their pitch onto the platform, so Chance has seen his fair share of decks and pitches.

To pitch your startup, there's a formula you can follow that in the past has contributed to entrepreneurs raising millions.

The PDF article summarizes the formula into 11 slides you'll need in your first pitch deck. Examples have also been provided, including the deck Hoffman adopted to fund LinkedIn.

This has all been put into one downloadable pitch deck template with tips you can use to obtain funding for your startup. A posh design not included, this only includes what you'll need in terms of content.

You should grab the template, give the tips and examples a read, and in turn make a great pitch that you can present to investors and throw up online to try your luck at an equity crowdfunding campaign.

*Originally posted on Forbes*

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