Business Valuation Excel Model with Economic Value Added
Originally published: 19/04/2018 13:45
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Business Valuation Excel Model with Economic Value Added

Business and investment valuation model with economic value added (EVA) calculations.

Business Valuation provides an accurate and robust financial reporting structure to value a wide range of proposed investments, entire companies or businesses.

Financial reports are derived from revenue, expense and capital assumptions to provide standard pro forma accounting statements and valuation under discounted cash flow and economic value added.

A wide range of options with explanatory material is provided to suit specific business environments and industry dynamics.

The logical input flow makes usage straightforward to gain quick results for business strategy and investment decision making. Simple and flexible input with embedded help prompts facilitates targeted application to required valuation dynamics.

The financial accounting impact is analyzed including pro forma Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

Economic value added calculation parameters include flexibility for identifying economic costs with allocated amortization periods. EVA valuation is particularly important for communicating value attributable to equity stakeholders and indispensable for raising venture capital funding for start-up investment projects.

The financial calculations accurately account for asset purchases, disposals and depreciation with capital and gearing impacts with breakdown of components.

A more advanced version of the business valuation solution with ability to add unlimited line items and compare alternative scenarios can be found at

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