Skeleton Template to start a Financial Model
Originally published: 07/10/2020 12:31
Publication number: ELQ-54282-1
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Skeleton Template to start a Financial Model

A flexible template to start a fresh model build with timeline for construction and operation phase.

Skeleton template files provides you a template to start a fresh model build involving construction or operation activities, being it is a part of project finance, corporate finance or business plan engagements.

It provides a flexibility to set different timeline frequency from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually for the construction and operation phases.

It give an option to select two different timeline for construction and operations, say monthly for construction and quarterly for operations for 30 years.

It also provides the flexibility to select the financial year end month from the 12 months in a year and model time line set automatically.

The model start period date get calculated automatically based on the construction start date and the financial year end month.

The template provide a structure of the template worksheets to move forward with the calculations of the model.

It has guide sheet which explains the purpose of all the worksheets present in the model, different format cells used in the model and the explanations on how to set the timeline assumptions.

The template includes a macro to navigate between worksheets, the button, "Navigation" provides at the top of all the worksheets.

In short, it is a one stop start-up file for any modelling engagement.

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