• How To Get Started in UX Design
  • How To Get Started in UX Design
  • How To Get Started in UX Design
Originally published: 02/03/2018 13:30
Last version published: 02/03/2018 14:59
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How To Get Started in UX Design

Learn how to get started in UX design by Laith Wallace.

When it comes to getting started in UX design, there are some key principles that will really help anyone who is interested in this field. He covers six main areas and provides a great list of courses, videos and material that will set you on your way to become a UX designer.

The six areas he covers (in brief):

1. Self-Awareness : Are you a problem-solver and observant? Do you know the reasons why you love being a UX designer?

2. The right education : Laith provides some books and tools for you to look into.

3. The correct tools : Laith gives you insight into some of the top UX design tools every designer should know about!

4. Experience : What experience do you need?

5. Mentorship : Laith lets you know where you can find like-minded designers.

6. The right job : How to find the perfect UX design job.

Video length: 7:29

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