Valuation- DCF Approach Complete Guide
Originally published: 09/01/2020 11:51
Last version published: 09/01/2020 12:09
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Valuation- DCF Approach Complete Guide

JP Morgan comprehensive guideline on business valuation by Discounted Cash Flow Method, full of illustrations and tips

50 Slides Guideline from investment bankers to fellow advisors and business owners on the most used Valuation Approach- Discounted Cash Flow.

The material is a comprehensive guideline on DCF full of examples and illustrations and based on JP Morgan methodology. It provides:

- A detailed overview of Discounted Cash flow Approach, Formula, WACC, Terminal Value and many more
- Understanding how to make the DCF valuation and step by step guidance
- Pros and Cons of the method to decide if it is applicable for your case
- Typical errors, tips and tricks in the process and how to avoid them
- Making Adjustments to Financial Statements for valuation purposes
- Special cases like valuing synergies and using sum of the parts method

This presentation is a valuable tool if you plan to:
- acquire a Company and want to know how much to pay,
- divest and want to know at what price to sell,
- make or receive a public equity or debt offering
- start a new business venture or
- have to advise a client on the above

It is perfect solution for advisors and business owners aiming to obtain understanding and estimate of the company value.

We advise companies on mergers and acquisition, structuring new projects, financial modelling and fundraising for more than 15 years, Let's help you achieve your Business Goals!

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF Presentation of 50 slides

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Provide a comprehensive guidance on DCF Company Valuation

mergers and acquisitions, company valuation, presentation

not an excel model for valuation

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