4 Team Management Styles for Successful Projects
Originally published: 26/07/2019 22:45
Publication number: ELQ-48689-1
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4 Team Management Styles for Successful Projects

Increase productivity and encourages team spirit as well as guarantees the success of most projects.

In this article, you will get an overview of four useful management strategies that will help you create and lead a more motivated team!

The styles outlined in the article are really different at core since they apply to different work environments (start-ups rather than big corporations or other fast-growing businesses).

A good manager needs to find the most appropriate style to their team and be flexible enough to switch from one to the other according to the circumstances. That's why these styles are referred to as 'situational styles'.

The situational strategies touched upon in the article are:
- Directive Management;
- Persuasive Management;
- Participative Management;
- Delegative Management.

However, a good management strategy is not enough. Qualities such as positivity, trust, appreciation and good communication are also vital in embodying the figure of the manager. They transcend any management style or situation.

Finally, it is important to adopt the necessary tools in order to reach an optimal level of project management. Pieces of software like Wimi, will enable you to collaborate with your team members from the comfort of one single centralised platform.

If you'd like to learn more, visit our website on www.wimi-teamwork.com or reach out to us via our Eloquens channel or by starting a discussion below!

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