Originally published: 18/09/2018 15:28
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Why Productivity Is Bullshit! The Secret Is To Do Less Not More

A 30 minute video explaining how to be more productive with your time.

"Hey everyone, Sam Ovens here, and in today’s video I want to tell you why productivity is complete BS, and why the secret is doing less instead. So, what I mean by that is, a lot of people, they talk about productivity and what they do is they try to cram as much stuff as possible into their to-do list and they try to do as many things as possible, and that’s how they really define productivity and working hard and getting things done.

And you know, this thing has spread like a rampant disease and it’s spread across pretty much everyone and I see people reading books on how to get things done, and you know, that’s pretty much like a procrastination thing to do.

You know, getting things done is about getting things done. And then, I see people signing up to like 10 different software tools to create a to do list, when a to do list can just be done on a piece of paper. And I see people attending seminars and webinars, reading books and articles and blogs and creating so much complexity for themselves, just to try and be productive. These people have got it completely backwards, and I know this because I used to be that person."

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