VC Presentation Outline & Guide
Originally published: 31/03/2020 16:17
Publication number: ELQ-53059-1
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VC Presentation Outline & Guide

A comprehensive guide for startups to build a Presentation for a VC (Venture Capitalist).

This deck was created after working with countless entrepreneurs as both a VC and a consultant. The outline provides a guide of the content investors are looking for and more specifically in what order to present the content.

Each page has a very specific purpose and as such should be treated as having a singular goal. For earlier stage companies, the most important pages are the Problem, Market Size/Opportunity, and Solution. As we have a natural tendency to solve problems the initial page should focus solely on conveying the problem and ensuring that the audience agrees that there is in fact a problem. The market page should then illustrate to the audience (who already agrees that there is a problem) how large that problem is and will be in the near future. Finally, by the time the solution page is presented the audience should have either the same product/service idea or one that is similar. If an entrepreneur can achieve those goals within the first few pages, the rest are supplementary (though equally important in describing the business).

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