Supply Chain Management
Originally published: 05/10/2021 09:32
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Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management presentation covers slide on various relevant subjects such as supply chain management process, SCM decision phases and etc.

Infographic Powerpoint template -39 slides.

Content of the presentation is given below.
Slide 1.
Supply Chain Management
Slide 2.
Supply Chain Overview
Slide 3.
Business Goals for SCM
Slide 4.
Supply Chain Team Structure
Slide 5.
Supply Chain Performance
Slide 6.
Demand Forecasting
Slide 7.
Demand and Sales Forecasting
Slide 8.
Supply Chain Management Overview
Slide 9.
Supply Chain Process
Slide 10.
Supply Chain Roadmap
Slide 11.
Financial Measures
Slide 12.
Supply Chain Digitization
Slide 13.
Supply Chain Operators
Slide 14.
Supply Chain Network
Slide 15.
Supply Chain Strategies
Slide 16.
Implementation Steps
Slide 17.
Supply Chain Methodology
Slide 18.
Supply Chain Planning Trends
Slide 19.
Supplier Information
Slide 20.
Supplier Compliance Statistics
Slide 21.
Supplier Risk Assessments
Slide 22.
Supply Chain Checklist
Slide 23.
Supply Chain Checklist (cont.)
Slide 24.
Supply Chain - Global Trade Map
Slide 25.
Our Logistics Process
Slide 26.
Distribution Planning
Slide 27.
Transportation Planning
Slide 28.
Planning Budget
Slide 29.
Transportation Execution
Slide 30.
Logistics Operation Metrics
Slide 31.
Logistics Performance Tracking
Slide 32.
Transportation Challenges
Slide 33.
Warehouse Dashboard
Slide 34.
Warehouse Operations
Slide 35.
Manage Inventory Items
Slide 36.
Inventory Cross Margin Analytics
Slide 37.
Order Management Lifecycle
Slide 38
Master Production Planning
Slide 39.
SCM Support Contact

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