9 Box Grid Talent Management Excel Template
Originally published: 09/03/2022 15:38
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9 Box Grid Talent Management Excel Template

Create a 9 box grid for your company with 3 simple steps within minutes using our Excel template.

The 9-box grid is one of the most used talent management frameworks that considers an employee’s past performance and future potential to the company or an organization.

It is very popular due to its simplicity and effectiveness. If used correctly, it ensures a transparent and fair method of talent evaluation.

The objective of such a talent management tool is to

1. Recognize and reward high performance & high potential employees
2. Identify under-performing employees and take actions to correct course
3. Have visibility to overall team strength and plan employee development
4. Assist in succession planning

3 Simple Steps
1. Customize your 9 Box Grid
2. Entering Employee Data
3. View/Interact/Export 9 Box Grid

All the elements of the 9 Box Grid can be customized.
Define 2 axes – Default are Performance and Potential
Define 3 levels/categories for each axes – Default are Low, Moderate and High
Define names for each of the 9 boxes
Define Descriptions for each of the 9 boxes.

The 9 Box grid (9 box matrix) is automatically created.

You can view the number of employees and % of employees in each of the 9 boxes.
You can also see the specific employees in each of the boxes.You can view a list of employees that fall into one chosen 9-Box grid.
You can filter the employees you want to analyze using the slicers provided. For example, you can look at one department at a time, or one manager at a time or any combination.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Template, 1 Excel Template with Sample Data

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