Financial Model Template for a Residential Development Deal |
Originally published: 21/01/2022 13:17
Last version published: 27/01/2022 13:06
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Financial Model Template for a Residential Development Deal |

Detailed Financial Model Template for a Residential Development "Build & Sell" Deal | Universal applicability

Here's a Financial Model Template that meets the peculiar analytical needs of Residential Development Deals.

A sharp analysis carried out from the GP/ Sponsor/ Developer/ Promoter's point of view.

I have followed a case study approach. This makes it easier to follow the logics and apply them as much required into the specifics of your own deal.

Some features -

1. Your foreign investors can read this model in their currency
2. You can read the numbers in millions or full values.
3. Option to analyse Revenue Participation Finance from Land Owners in case of a Joint Development.
4. Sales Cashflows – a big source of Funding, Held in Escrows until Project Completion
5. Dynamic Charts depicting the summary of financial model
6. Equity distributions by means of a multiple IRR waterfall.
7. Balance Sheet, P/L account and Cashflow Statement (Direct Method).
(I have also added a Version 2 file that has Cashflow St done by using Indirect Method).
8. Notes on how to use the Excel (within the excel sheet)
9. Notes on the related concepts.
10. A handful of simple and easy to understand excel formulas used such as Index&Match, Sumif, Sum(Offset), Eomonth, If Conditions and Boolean logic. Custom formatting and conditional formatting extensively used to make the model dynamic and sharp.
11. Only 2 very simple macros used. 1 - in order to automate updating of the Sensitivity Chart. 2 - to update the tax pay-outs in the Financial Model. These amounts are calculated in the Balance Sheet module and pasted (values) in the Financial model.
12. All Output Sheets in printable format.

This Best Practice includes
1 Case Study & Notes 2. Financial Model (Cashflow St by Direct Method) 3. Financial Model_Ver.2 (CFS by Indirect method)

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Further information

The objective of this template is to enable a thorough analysis and aid sharp strategic planning of residential real estate deals.

If you are a real estate professional working as a developer, analyst, investor in the residential side, then this model is great tool for you.

Before using this template well verse yourself with basics of excel such as custom formatting, conditional formatting, I have added a guide on how to read the model though and also elaborate explanations of the concepts used.

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