Startup Investment Due Diligence Checklist
Originally published: 14/02/2018 14:13
Publication number: ELQ-83609-1
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Startup Investment Due Diligence Checklist

A due diligence checklist tailored specifically for startups who seek investment.

If your startup business required support from investors, then you should prepare for an extensive due diligence process and organise all the expected documentation well in advance. Generally, startups do not fully know what is expected of the due diligence process. Being ill prepared could ultimately turn potential investors away.

This due diligence checklist is a standard two-part list of company information that most investors would look for. The list is extensive but not exhaustive and all applicable depending on the organisation. Management and founders team should think about preparing and organising themselves with this checklist to make the due diligence process as smooth as possible.

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