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How To Build A List Of 200 to 400 Motivated Sellers In 3 Minutes

Joe shares his insight into creating lists of inclined sellers that will return a high success rate

In this video Joe sets out his methods of finding and persuading huge numbers of potential sellers, whose properties can then be used to sell to lease-option buyers.

Joe offers his personal approach to this method, showing how you can return a great conversion rate on these sellers. Joe suggests ways in which to find the best potential sellers, how best to approach them, and how to categorize them. This video will help you to establish leads in the property market. Joe also details how automated response emails can be used in conjunction with these lists, helping to catergorize the potential sellers, allowing you to spend more time focussing on those interested, whilst the automated responses follow up those who may not be quite so motivated to sell rent-to-buy. This lead generator model is a great tool for anyone trying to establish themselves in the property market, no matter what their experience. This simple yet effective plan will allow you to find motivated sellers who can help you make money.

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