Pneumatic Conveying Excel Workbook
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Pneumatic Conveying Excel Workbook

Workbook in Excel for Pneumatic Conveying aligning with Chapter 10 of textbook "Rules of Thumb for Engineers."

In this spreadsheet, the pressure drop in a dilute phase conveyor is calculated.

Throughout the chemical industry, powdered and granular solids are conveyed in gas streams. This is now an essential unit operation rooted in engineering with the design and selection of its range of components well studied and understood.

The key difference between pneumatic and hydraulic/slurry conveying of solids is that the carrier gas will expand continuously as it goes along the pipe. The flow regime in the pipe (dense or dilute phase) will depend on the ratio of gas to solids and the characteristics of the particles.

This workbook contains 2 sheets:
Dilute Phase

Macros must be enabled for the function subroutines to work.

This template accompanies Chapter 10 of Rules of Thumb for Engineers, 6th Edition by Stephen M Hall, PE. The templates are intended to solve problems outlined in the book, explain techniques for converting U.S. & SI units of measure, demonstrate data look up methods, and provide you with ready-to-use data sheets. The function subroutines can also be copied to other spreadsheets.

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