Inventory Management System Excel Template
Originally published: 02/03/2023 08:22
Publication number: ELQ-96597-1
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Inventory Management System Excel Template

This is free template to help the small and medium sized enterprise to properly manage the inventory and it is operation.

Report Overview
This template helps the user to manage the inventory operations like purchases by quantity and value, sales by quantity and value, cost of goods sold, revenue and stock closing balance.

The user needs to fill the green cells only for the following below
-Opening balance by quantity
-Opening balance by value
-Fill the purchases by quantity 
-Fill the purchases by value
-Fill the selling prices on monthly basis

The data will flow into the following below
-Cost of goods sold by months
-Revenue by month
-Gross profit margin on monthly basis

The template is build for one item but the user can add as mush as needed by copy and past in the same sheet, the template is very suitable for small and medium enterprises and help the user to determine the gross profit margin and it is a big advantage to manage the re-ordering.

It is very possible to develop the model based on customer request
The template is free, just we kindly requerst the user to rate the product

Conclusion and customization
This is a highly versatile, very sophisticated financial model template, and is also user-friendly.
If you have any inquiries, modification request or other requests of assistance to customize the model template for your business case please contact us here:

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