Originally published: 03/01/2018 16:28
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The Top 10 Rules for Success According to Steve Jobs

Evan Carmichael outlines Steve Jobs' Top 10 Rules for Success in terms of business.

In this 40 minute video, Evan Carmichael has brought together clips of Steve Jobs explaining his top rules for success.

Explanation and background are given around the following 10 rules:

1. You shouldn't live a life that is limited
2. Be passionate
3. Design things for yourself
4. Don't sell junk
5. Hire an excellent team
6. Money should not be your only objective
7. Show pride in your products
8. Build around clients
9. Think of values when it comes to marketing
10. Remain hungry, and remain foolish

Clips of Steve Jobs talking about each of these rules have been cleverly strung together by Evan Carmichael to create a final video of business success from his perspective.

Length: 39 minutes 37 seconds

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