A Tech Founder's Guide to Choosing a Non-Tech Founder
Originally published: 03/11/2017 17:17
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A Tech Founder's Guide to Choosing a Non-Tech Founder

If you're a tech founder, this is your guide on picking a non-tech founder.

Why it's hard to find a non-tech co-founder if you're a tech founder yourself:

When you’re technical and interviewing or planning to work with other people who are technical, you’re used to giving them objective “tests” that help you determine their abilities, white board problems, coding projects, pair-programming sessions. Even if you’re not technical and you have someone do a coding project, you can easily show it to technical friends and advisors and quickly get their expert opinions. Of course, this isn’t enough to decide whether you should work with someone -- especially as a cofounder -- but it’s at least cutting to the core of the skills question. (You also need to address the chemistry/personality question.)

If you're a technical person who is recruiting or wanting to work with other technical people, there's usually tests you can give out to evaluate their ability and help you make your decision (coding projects, pair-programming sessions, white board problems.) And even if you're not a technical person, you can still give out these tests and get your techy advisors or friends or colleagues to review them for you and provide opinions. Obviously these 'tests' aren't sufficient if you're trying to find a person to work with- particularly as if they're going to be a co-founder- but it does make you aware of their skills.

The annoying thing is, is that there isn't really similar tests you can give to other business professionals that mirror these. You can sort of get an idea of what they're like, but there's no solid 'results' of any kind to help you work out if they're really good at what they do.

This is why this guide has been written. Have a look!

*Originally posted on OnStartups.com*

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