Loan Repayment Scheduler Excel Model
Originally published: 26/08/2020 10:33
Publication number: ELQ-59480-1
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Loan Repayment Scheduler Excel Model

Loan repayment scheduler/EMI calculator in Microsoft Excel.

This excel template helps you plan repayment of your debt/or loan. It can also plan your EMIs.

You are required to give three inputs amount, rate of interest either annual or monthly and term either in months or years.

For instance, if you give user inputs as below;
Loan Amount: $700,000
Term : 6 months
Rate of Interest : 0.3%
It displays your plan as below
Timeline 1 2 3 4 5 6
Total Payment 1,17,690 1,17,690 1,17,690 1,17,690 1,17,690 1,17,690
Interest Payment 1750 1460 1170 878 586 293
Principal Payment 1,15,940 1,16229 116520 1,16,811 1,17,103 1,17396
Closing balance 584060 467831 351311 234500 117396 0

This excel model is dynamic model which means it automatically changes as per your inputs.It is prepared with best aesthetics and color codes.
Users love working with this tool. It is more useful for the people working in banking operations and financing .It is more useful to a common people who want plan their EMIs. It is a must have tool for everyone as everyone such as common house holder to corporates need to plan their debt repayments.

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Further information

This template helps you schedule your debt repayment provided you give your term, rate of interest and amount.

EMI planning


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