Smart Strategies to Reduce Cost of Goods Sold
Originally published: 01/09/2020 07:37
Last version published: 21/09/2020 09:39
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Smart Strategies to Reduce Cost of Goods Sold

Our Cost-Saving Guide will provide you with smart techniques to identify Cost Savings and increase your profit!

Welcome to our Complete Guide for Cost Savings!

We have created Analytical Framework to help businesses of all sizes and all industries to create more value by unleashing the power of Financial Analysis!

Our Cost-Saving Guide will provide smart techniques to identify Cost Savings and increase your profit.

Our framework is built on a 3-step process, leveraging the industry best practices and our 10+ years of experience:
1. Identify Focus Areas, with our three financial-analysis techniques.
2. Assess Possible Interventions, with our easy-to-use ideation method.
3. Rank and Prioritize Ideas, with our Action Plan Ranking tool

We have included 5 Free Bonus Files:
1. Cost Analytical tool (xls), an automated excel file to run Cost Analysis with your data.
2. Ice Cream Example (xls), a business case to see how the models work with real data
3. 50 Cost-Saving Ideas (pdf), an exclusive list of 50 cost-saving Tips.
4. Action Plan Handouts (xls), ready-to-use excel tables to evaluate, rank, and prioritize your cost-saving ideas.
5. Running a Cost Saving Ideation Workshop (pdf), a guide to run an effective cost-saving ideation

Review this guide, leverage our ready-to-use models, and help your team deliver better-informed cost-savings!

This Best Practice includes
3 PDF and 3 Excel files

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Provide smart techniques to identify Cost-Saving Opportunities and ultimately increase your profit

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