Cash Flow Waterfall Model
  • Cash Flow Waterfall Model
Originally published: 29/06/2016 08:35
Publication number: ELQ-91632-1
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Cash Flow Waterfall Model

A cash flow model for Real Estate based on a waterfall structure

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This model represents the traditional capital structure between the real estate parties, developer and investor.

The waterfall cash flow model is used for payment schemes where more senior creditrs receive both interest and principal payments, and lower tier creditors receive only interest payments. The waterfall structure is a typical real estate capital structure where the developer is usually the minority investor. The waterfall is really Internal Rate of Return (IRR) hurdles which determine how cash flows at each level are split.

The model is dynamic and amenable to deal variation.

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Further information

To model cash flow in the traditional real estate partnership between investors and developers

Applicable for traditional real estate partnerships.
Dynamic and easily amenable to deal variation.


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