Originally published: 13/04/2018 14:59
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How to Calculate Return on Investment in Real Estate

Short video explaining how to calculate the Return on Investment

In this video, Ron Phillips gives a simple overview of the process of calculating the Return on Investment.

He focuses his attentions particularly closely on the real estate sector, showing how you can calculate the ROI for all of your property investments. However, this video is applicable to all fields, as it gives a helpful general overview of ROI.

First of all, he shows all of the figures that are required in order to calculate the ROI for your property investments. He then shows and demonstrate the equation that can be used to calculate ROI.

He makes the equation and figures easy to understand by offering an example property and calculating the ROI.

This video is a great tool for anyone wanting to find out how to calculate the return on investment, especially in the real estate sector. Ron gives great advice and tips about how you can quickly and efficiently calculate your ROI. He also offers expert tips on how to invest effectively in order to maximise your ROI per property.

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