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Building a Compelling Value Proposition

Presentation, video, and notes on how to create a compelling value proposition.

Michael Skok is an entrepreneur converted venture capitalist, and so he enjoys collaborating with other entrepreneurs in exploring their value propositions. However, unfortunately many entrepreneurs struggle to express a compelling value proposition. It is crucial to establish a substantial value proposition if you want to build a successful company from just an idea.

This lecture lays out the first stages of building a compelling value proposition.

To put it simply, a value proposition is a statement that describes what benefit you are providing for who, and how you're doing it in a unique way that is better than others. It explains your target customer, the problem you are solving, and the reason for which you are achieving the solution in a better way than current alternatives.

In the following presentation, Startup Secrets lets you in on what it takes to define a value proposition, specifically using the 4Us. There are significant questions outlined, and if you are able to answer yes to the majority, then you are heading in the right direction towards a compelling value proposition. If you cannot answer yes to the questions, then you may want to re-consider your venture.

The course consists of three Main Chapters:
1. Define - Define the problem, propose potential ideas and solutions
2. Evaluate - Gain V.S. Pain
3. Build - Value Prop

This Best Practice includes
3 Videos, 3 PDF'S

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