Finance Analysis Dashboard
Originally published: 25/08/2021 10:03
Last version published: 05/11/2021 09:40
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Finance Analysis Dashboard

Finance Analysis Dashboard in Power BI

Power BI is a tool which helps the users to easily visualize dynamic and interactive Reports/Dashboard by utlilizing its Business Intelligence capabilities. Power BI is a tool which makes the decision making easier as it offers a wide range of interactive visualizations along with busniess intelligence capabilities.

This Finance Analysis Dashboard is been designed to provide an overall view of the performance of the Finance Department which would be helpful for the top management to make their decisions based on the performance of the Finance Department.

This Dashboard shows total number of units sold, total sales, total COGS & total profit. Further, various slicers are provided like Years, Months, Country, Product, Segment & Discount to filter out & drill down the required information.

This Dashboards includes the following features:

• At a glance, Country wise performance can be analyzed through Matrix Visual.
• Visuals are used from App Source (Enlighten World Flag)
• Gauge Visuals are been used by mentioning maximum and target value
• Percentage values are calculated by using the CALCULATE & ALL function.

Further, the targeted audience of this dashboard is the managment which in a glance will get to know that which countries,segments or products are performing well and which segments or products requires improvement. For example, this dashboard shows that the Enterprise Segment's COGS is higher than its sales which is point of concern for the management.

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