Travel and entrepreneurship
Originally published: 06/05/2021 15:48
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Travel and entrepreneurship

In this video, I talk about an area of entrepreneurship that many entrepreneurs are not fully aware of and that is the i

In this video, I talk about an area of entrepreneurship that many entrepreneurs are not fully aware of and that is the importance of travel to entrepreneurial success. Building on my vast academic research and business school experience, I talk about several studies that I have been involved with that investigated the impact that travel has on entrepreneurial success. In the video, I talk about these findings and show how travel has been shown to significantly aid entrepreneurs in several areas of their business. In particular, I discuss how travel provides entrepreneurs a more holistic view of the world – a view outside of their individual context. Through travel, entrepreneurs are able to perceive themselves as something greater. Through this inner reflection, entrepreneurs are able to enhance their businesses on their journey to success. Travel helps the progression of taking entrepreneurial concepts and ideas into tangible products and services.

I draw on my vast knowledge of business school experience and my over 20 years of entrepreneurship experience. From my academic experience, I’m an associate professor of entrepreneurship and strategy in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology at Ontario Tech University. Prior to joining Ontario Tech University, I was an assistant professor at Nipissing University, Ryerson University, and Leibniz Universität Hannover. I also taught at the St. Petersburg Polytechinical University in Russia and the University of Bradford School of Management in Britain.

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