ProfitQube™ Consolidation for Production, Trade and Services Organizations (Excel/VBA, release 1.0.3)
Originally published: 02/08/2019 20:09
Last version published: 04/11/2022 10:17
Publication number: ELQ-35642-20
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ProfitQube™ Consolidation for Production, Trade and Services Organizations (Excel/VBA, release 1.0.3)

ProfitQube ™ Consolidation is the ProfitQube ™ add-on that facilitates Corporate Planning Consolidation exercise

The functionality of financial consolidation plays an essential role in making business planning, budgets and forecasts more precise, quicker and easier to produce for multi-entity organizations.

ProfitQube Consolidation is a tool that makes it easy to manage and report financial statements, whether the organization is a SME or a Corporation operating in a domestic or global market.

ProfitQube Consolidation is a management accounting ADD-ON of ProfitQube which enables the consolidation of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow (Direct and Indirect) with few clicks.

Combine your Subsidiaries and Parent Company Financial Statements for corporate internal control, plan, budget or forecast and for evaluating strategic investments and joint ventures.

The consolidation process consists of the aggregation of a Parent Company financial statements (Controlling Company) with that of its Subsidiaries (Controlled Companies) displaying the parent and the subsidiaries as one single entity.

The process starts by exporting Financial Statements from Subsidiaries and Parent Company from ProfiQube; these files are then imported in ProfitQube Consolidation application (ProfitQubeC.xlsb).

ProfitQube Consolidation sums the Financial Statements from Subsidiaries and Parent Company into one single entity.

The single entity worksheet is then exported in a new file for further re-working to offset (eliminate) the intercompany transactions, the subsidiary’s shareholder equity and the parent’s investment accounts.

ProfitQube Consolidation works only in conjunction with ProfitQube. It is not meant to be used as stand-alone application.

Designed and developed by Crown Consultancy Services (Crownapplications).

This Best Practice includes
1 Consolidation Version, ReadMeFirst!_ProfitQubeConsolidation_1.0.0.txt (for Excel 32-bit and 64-bit)

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Further information

ProfitQube Consolidation for Multi-Industry Organizations provides an all-in-one professional application enabling the consolidation of the most important Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows).

The Parent Company will consolidate in one single entity the financial statements of all subsidiaries applying adjustments to display the Group financial position.

Here below steps:

Step 1 - Export Financial Statement files
Parent Company and Subsidiaries export financial statements to a common location (e.g. OneDrive, Intranet share drive etc.) from any of the ProfitQube Versions (Services, Trade, Production or Production Pro).

Step 2 - Consolidate Financial Statements
Upload files in ProfitQube Consolidation and merge into a single entity.

Step 3 – Export Consolidated Financial Statements
Export file with consolidated figures from ProfitQube Consolidation into a new file.

Step 4 – Adjust Financial Statements
Adjust Consolidated Financial Statement in the new file created per Step 3 and get the Group financial position.
This file is unprotected thus free for any further modification.

Function buttons, Export functionality with formats, User Friendly interface and colors and User Manual (Consolidation chapter included in ProfitQube User Manual) facilitate the use of this cutting-edge ProfitQube add-on which exceeds both SMEs and Corporations expectation for the management of Group consolidation.

ProfitQube™ Consolidation 1.0.3 - Update - August 31, 2021


Version: All
- Licensing system detecting a different computer due to Windows 10 update.
- Tiny “EULA” window display.



Produce accurate and complete financial consolidation forecasts on the fly.

Enable what-if analysis to support top management strategic decisions at Group level.

Evaluate customers business plan to support loan review process for multi-company and multi-industry organizations.

Prepare credible projections to win investors for Corporate.

Standardize budget and planning exercise across subsidiaries and aggregate for Corporate Strategic Decisions.


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