Basic Animator/Simulator in Excel
Originally published: 12/02/2019 08:13
Publication number: ELQ-73049-1
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Basic Animator/Simulator in Excel

This is all about the first step to consider Microsoft Excel as Framework for the as Simulator or as Animator.

I'm going to introduce the following basic techniques to control shapes on the Plotter Chart frame in Excel.

1. ReSizing the Shape
2. Move Resized Shape Along X-Y Euclidian Space.
3. Rotate the Shape in Clockwise or in Anti-Clockwise Direction.
4. Animation

This could be the most basic modal to understand the concept of any simulator.

This Main concept I have cleared with a trial, is to get the real use of applied mathematics with programming. The Rotation of the Object I have studied during my engineering is called a Rotation Matrix.

You will find the formula below, and with it we can create the rotation of an object.

x' = x*cos(degree) - y*sin(degree)
y' = x*cos(degree) + y*sin(degree)

Special Credit to the idea of this model to:

Mr. George Lungu an electrical engineer and founder of Kindly requesting you to visit his website to know more about the potential of Excel. He has done marvellous experiments on Excel and has developed even a 2d 3d animation of an aviation focused simulator.

I'm very thank full to him to have his motivation behind this project.

This is the initial phase of the whole project time line. In the future I shall publish unbelievable animations and simulators in the same style. Thank you.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel VBA Based Animator/Simulator

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Further information

The clear objective of this tool is to create awareness amongst capable people who are already considering Microsoft Excel as a serious tool but who are not aware of it's full potential.

For a user wanting to steady or test applied mathematical models or several scientific models which require animation for the presentation.

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