Business Excel Dashboard
Originally published: 20/02/2019 13:12
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Business Excel Dashboard

Easily updatable Excel Dashboard. Focus on budget goals with live tracking on key accounts and Aged Receivables.

A Business Dashboard for your businesses needs.

It is primarily aimed to be used as a month to date report that is consistently updated as the month continues. The parts of the dashboard to highlight include:

1. 3 Graphs on the left (1 income with budget, 1 expense with budget and 1 overall expense and income budget)
*The graphs go either red or green depending on if you have reached your set budget goal, which is seen in the orange.

2. In the top middle is a summary of 4 ratios
*Currently measuring (Net Profit, Gross Profit, Debt to Equity and Current Ratio) With a red or green arrow based on yesterday's data.

3. In the top right a summary graph for the accounts of your choosing.
*Currently set is (Cash at Bank, Total Debors and Total Creditors) Shows the author a summary of the past 31 days of that account for trend analysis.

4. Income Statement dead centre
*A updatable income statement with the option to view month to date or year to date with the option to change the current month.

5. Aged Receivables in the middle right
*Easily track your debt with the top 15 Aged Receivables

6. Current balance of the accounts of your choosing at the bottom.

**File included is the data seen in the screenshots and is all editable for anyones use. Contact me personally if there are any questions or if further clarification is needed in applying the file for your own uses. I may potentially add a video to explain it all on a later date.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Spreadsheet and a potential Future video to explain content.

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To give any business the opportunity to easilt review and make decisions on their financial data.



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