Making Redundancies
Originally published: 20/09/2018 13:10
Publication number: ELQ-54290-1
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Making Redundancies

This pdf offers an in-depth explanation of redundancies.

This in-depth article explains the processes and terms involved in making redundancies. It begins with highlighting the reasons for making a redundancy, before offering alternative routes, such as delaying start dates for new workers.
The risks of implementing redundancies is then considered. There can be a fine line between a rightful and fair redundancy, and an unfair dismissal. The article explains some of the caveats that may affect how the action is classified. Discrimination claims, for example, are an undesirable outcome and can lead to lengthy legal proceedings. Law Donut provides guidance which may help to avoid issues arising.
Redundancy procedures are one way of protecting oneself, as a business, and ensuring that actions are fair and thoroughly considered. The article then considers the figures involved, discussing statutory pay limitations.
Finally, there is a lengthy discussion about the selection process used when choosing the redundancies. This is where major problems can be encountered if not approached with great caution. Legal advice should always be taken when making such decisions. It is very easy to slip into the trap and find oneself in a situation where discriminatory practices have been found. It can then be very difficult to prove to the contrary, especially if the right procedures are not in place.

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