Environmental Monitoring Tool
Originally published: 17/02/2020 11:23
Last version published: 24/10/2022 12:27
Publication number: ELQ-21225-7
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Environmental Monitoring Tool

A turnkey tool for managing environmental aspects, utility consumption and tracking of waste based on the 3R’s

This is a highly professional Environmental Monitoring Tool for full scope Environmental Management. This tool is designed to build a database of environmental aspects, utility consumption (fuel, electricity and water), environmental quality monitoring and effluent analysis parameters. It allows tracking of waste based on 3 R’s ( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ) before sending residual to landfill. It provides very good inputs for generating Annual Environmental Reports. It is a great resource to any Environmental Management System and complies with ISO 14001.This is best for Health and Safety and Environmental Professionals who want a one stop solution for managing environmental aspects of their operations.⚙️Features include;• Easy Data Entry and Analysis• Pivot Tables and Pivot Graphs• Analyze Data on a Single Click• Dynamic Dashboard to Visualize Data on a Single Click• Analyze over 20 Environmental KPIs such as Waste, Effluent Analysis, Utility Consumption, CO2 • Emissions and Environmental Monitoring• Good input for generating Annual Environmental Report• Can be customized to include your own KPIs upon request• Password to sheets and workbook provided• Excel 2013 (+ later versions ) compatibility• Optimized for Windows and Mac• Replace logo and integrate with your management system• INSTANT DOWNLOAD after purchase👉Your monthly, quarterly and yearly environmental management just got easier and better!

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To manage environmental aspects, utility consumption and tracking of waste based on the 3R’s

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