Originally published: 26/06/2018 13:46
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How to Monetize your Audience on Eloquens.com

This short video explains how you can monetize your audience by publishing Pay-Per-View Videos on Eloquens.com

As a professional producing quality video content, you are sharing your expertise to a global audience. However, you also know there is no easy option to sell premium videos and to monetize your audience on popular video sharing platforms.

So, how can you monetize your audience?

Eloquens.com, the leading know-how marketplace, now offers video authors a feature to easily monetize their professional premium videos on a pay-per-view basis.

Eloquens pay-per-view is a great feature to generate substantial passive revenue.

Eloquens pay-per view is also a powerful tool to engage with your audience via your premium content. Eloquens helps you build your premium user community, identify your users, and engage with them if you wish to do so.

To monetize your audience with Eloquens pay-per-view, simply:
1/ Publish a premium video in your dedicated Author Channel on Eloquens.com, and set your pricing
2/ Communicate your Premium content to your audience
3/ Enjoy your passive revenues, while building and engaging your premium community

Happy publishing!

- The Eloquens Team

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