Commercial Real Estate Deal Sizer

Easy-to-use Commercial Real Estate Deal Sizer to quickly analyze acquisition opportunities

This is a very easy-to-use and clearly structured acquisition model. The intend is to quickly screen and underwrite acquisition opportunities of all property types. With this model, you can underwrite a deal in less than 10 minutes, before deciding to spend a significant amount of time going into a deep dive.The model has two sections a Deal Sizer, where all salient facts such as debt, budget, exit assumptions, rent roll, and operating expenses are added. For the rent roll and operating expenses, there is a current and a stabilized input and a rollover period to account for a potential upside. The proforma is a rollup of all the inputsThis model is able to assess all property types. Please watch the introduction video to get a better understanding of the model: you are looking for a deep dive model, that provides significantly more detail please check out my other commercial acquisition model (this model is not available for multifamily): model has been extensively tested, but may contain errors. If you think you came across an error please contact the author to review and fix it. For customization or training of this tool, it is recommended to contact the author of the model as he will be most qualified to assist.Hope you enjoy the model-Julian

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