How to stay productive when working from home
Originally published: 21/04/2020 10:19
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How to stay productive when working from home

Working from home is becoming a more popular option, the question is how can we be productive in our own homes?


Working from home is becoming a more and more popular option for employees and businesses🏡💻. Moreover, by being able to organize their own schedule how they wish, professionals avoid wasting time in transit or getting to work during times of strikes🚗.

According to a study conducted by Malakoff Médéric Humanis in November and December 2018, working from home is practised by nearly 30% of all private sector workers, which is an increase of 50% when compared to 2017. Furthermore, workers and managers alike are full of praise🙏🏻for this new approach that has numerous benefits: greater productivity at work, reduced truancy, a better work/life balance and improvements to the quality of life in the workplace – with more autonomy, responsibility and personal engagement✅.

Whether you are working from home for a half-day, a whole day, or perhaps even all week, it is crucial to organize your working hours and put some rules in place in order to remain productive✍🏼📋, because when one is at home, it is easy to be tempted to do anything but working. Here are the 7 tips to being an effective worker at home.

  • Step n°1 |

    Create a workspace

    No, your bed or your sofa cannot be your office🛋. To stay productive, it is essential to not mix work and pleasure.

    Start by defining your workspace and congregate everything that you need to work (computer, reports, pens, chargers, etc.🖥📊). This way, you are operational in just a few seconds and you avoid losing time looking for things🕐.

    If you do not have enough space to set up a desk, the corner of a table with a chair will do the job just fine👩🏼‍💻. What is essential is that you feel comfortable enough to work. Lastly, make sure the things you need are to hand.

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  • Step n°2 |

    Plan your working hours

    Impose precise working hours on yourself that you have to respect, like you would have for a day at the office🕐. However, nothing is stopping you from starting earlier or finishing later, according to your needs, but you should also take into account the schedules of your colleagues and the plans of your family/housemates👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👥. Just keep in mind that a longer working day will reduce your productivity📉.

    It is equally important to organize your work hours in accordance with your necessary interactions with your co-workers, manager and clients, but also taking into account the time of day that you are most productive🗓👥.

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