Financial Analysis for Management Consultants & Analysts
Originally published: 02/11/2020 20:43
Publication number: ELQ-93273-1
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Financial Analysis for Management Consultants & Analysts

A short overview of financial analysis techniques used during consulting projects

During many consulting projects, you will have to do a lot of financial analysis and draw conclusions about a specific company or industry. This is especially true during due diligence projects, strategic projects, and turn-arounds. Financial analyses will help you decide which option is better, what investments you should take, estimate potential improvements or estimate the impact on the profit and the balance sheet. On top of that, during consulting projects, you have to do everything 3x faster and with little data. Therefore, I will teach you in this course how to do fast and efficiently financial analyses and how to draw conclusions from them
In the course you will learn the following things:
1. How to do financial analyses in Excel fast and efficiently
2. How to draw conclusions from the analyses
3. How to analyze financial statements in Excel
4. How to use financial indicators
5. How to model a business in Excel
6. How to analyze business units of the firm
7. How to carry out analyses related to M&A
8. How to evaluate a potential investment in Excel
9. How to estimate the value of the firm using simple methods
This will be a great introduction before you move to conduct analysis in Excel

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