Employee Management (HR) Spreadsheet
Originally published: 01/12/2021 08:53
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Employee Management (HR) Spreadsheet

Automate your staff management with an all-in-one spreadsheet. Great for Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Managers.

===Employee Management Spreadsheet – What is it?===
Employee management is a process that helps your workers perform at their best and achieve your business goals.

It covers almost everything related to staff management and a little task management:
1. Employee List
2. Tasks
3. Contracts
4. Performance
5. Attendance Planner
6. Payroll

===Human Resources or Team Management?===
The sheet was prepared to manage HR processes, so the primary function of the file is team management. You can do this by evaluating its performance as well as assignments.

Also, the sheet allows you to schedule vacation and write down hours worked

Who will benefit? Who is this spreadsheet for?
Employee Management Spreadsheet was created to deliver specific value for small business owners, managers, and freelancers.

You get a tool where you save the cyclical result of an interview with an employee and track his development and decline in form

===Small Business Owner===
Like every business owner, you have to control everything and remember about contracts, payouts, tasks, days off, etc. Moreover, it helps you to boost employee’s productivity and motivation or reward good performance

As a Freelancer, you are both an employee and owner of your company and brand. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of your workflows, you can treat the Employee Management Sheet as a "Supplier Management Spreadsheet" or "Customer Management Spreadsheet"

===Schedule Planner - Attendance - Vacation - Work Hours===
An advanced planner that will help you track employee availability, hours worked, non-working days, or sick days.

===Performance Review===
Effective team management is synonymous with cyclic performance reviews. Hence, we have prepared 12 categories/questions that you can edit.

===Contracts & Payroll (Weekly)===
Manage and track the contracts you sign with employees or customers. Hence, the system will remind you about the upcoming end of the contract.

===Task Management===
Create tasks and assign them to employees, so track progress easily and stay informed of upcoming deadlines.

Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

This Best Practice includes
2 Excel files (clean spreadsheet + sample data)

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