Wastewater MBBR BOD Removal and Nitrification - Design Sheet
Originally published: 27/02/2023 13:35
Publication number: ELQ-59148-1
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Wastewater MBBR BOD Removal and Nitrification - Design Sheet

Simple spreadsheet for the design of an MBBR wastewater treatment plant.

In this spreadsheet, you will be able to design a two-stage MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor) wastewater treatment plant including the following:
- Sizing a BOD removal tank 
- Sizing a Nitrification tank
- Generate the quantity of media needed in both tanks 
- Generate the aeration requirements for the BOD tank
- Generate the aeration requirements for the Nitrification tank
As support, you can refer to the following youtube video https://youtu.be/EhQWMNV6fMw which explains how the spreadsheet was designed and how to fill the values. You can also watch some educational videos about the MBBR technology on the same channel (technical description, design tools, step by step calculations,  etc...)  

For any information regarding this spreadsheet, you can directly message me on my Linkedin account: www.linkedin.com/in/joyce-kreidi-7b87aa83

Instructor Bio: 
This spreadsheet was prepared by Eng. Joyce Kreidi.
She has a B.E. in civil & environmental engineering and a diploma in water resources.
She has worked in the water and wastewater treatment fields for the past six years.  She mainly designs water filtration, softening and reverse osmosis systems, as well as decentralized and centralized wastewater treatment plants using nature based solutions (ie constructed wetlands), Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR), Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), extended aeration, activated sludge, and many other technologies.

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