Guide to Effective Management
Originally published: 28/05/2018 14:06
Publication number: ELQ-83775-1
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Guide to Effective Management

10 step guide to creating an effective management system for your business or organisation.

This is an extremely useful 10 step rule guide to creating and putting into practice an effective management system for your business or organisation.

These ten rules are based on these essential features:

- Ownership
- Alignment
- Balance
- Integration
- Relevance
- Accessibility
- Simplicity
- Timing
- Utilization
- Weighting

Each of these features is paired with an essential rule to follow when implementing an effective management system.

By following each of these 10 rules, you will be able to put into place an effective and efficient management system. This guide will help you to ensure that everyone within your team shares the same goals and vision and that they remain oriented towards this. This will also allow you to track and monitor the progress of your projects in relation to your overall goals.

This is a simple, yet essential tool to use and follow when thinking about your management systems and structures. Following these key rules will allow you to set a great basis to see projects through to their end, in a given time, and to a given quality.

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