Startup KPI Analysis – Ecommerce/Digital Payment - Excel Model
Originally published: 09/05/2018 09:32
Last version published: 10/07/2018 12:27
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Startup KPI Analysis – Ecommerce/Digital Payment - Excel Model

An effective model to monitor and analyse financial performance of a startup.

The excel model is useful and insightful tool for startups to evaluate their success at reaching targets. KPI analysis is being implemented with a clear main goal: ensuring growing profit over time. Business KPI analysis is a challenging task for which one needs to understand the data in place really well. This tool helps with this monitoring task and making the most of what the performance indicators are showing.

Time Series:
Monthly time period

The Model features:
• Table of Contents
• Navigation
• Error check and Alerts
• Key (legend for the model)
• Assumptions:
o Budget
-Income statement
-Transaction Value
-Transaction Volume
-Revenue Margin

o Revenue & Expenses
-Subscribers & Active Users
-Revenue Stream 1 (5 categories) & Revenue Stream 2 (5 categories)
•Calculation based on transaction volume, GMV, & revenue margin
-Revenue Stream 3 (5 categories)
•Calculation based on manual input
•User Acquisition
•Merchant Acquisition
•User Retention
•Marketing (ATL, ABL, & Digital)
•Infrastructure & Maintenance, etc.
o Financing (equity)
o Capital Expenditure
o Others
o Outputs:
-Income Statement (Annual & Monthly)
-Cash Flow Statement (Annual & Monthly

The model was developed using financial modelling best practice standards. This particular model was built using the Modano Software under the Best Practice Modelling Standard (BPMS). I used a specialist financial modelling software to incorporate flexibility into the time series

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This Best Practice includes
1 Excel File, 1 Dashboard Instructions

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Further information

Manage financial performance of your startup through key KPIs so that you startup can get a better understanding where you perform optimally and you can pinpoint where are the weaknesses.

This tool best applies for eCommerce and digital payment startups, however it can also be adapted for other startups

This model is not built for corporations, however, the general structure can be applied to corporations

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