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How to Write an Executive Summary for a Business Plan

Growthink advises on how to write a compelling executive summary for your business plan.

Most investors are inundated with business plans, and often give them no more than a cursory review. Therefore, it is critical that the first page of the executive summary stimulates and motivates the investor to learn more about the company. The first page of the executive summary must include the following:

1. A concise explanation of the business

2. A description of the market size and market need for the business

3. A discussion of how the company is uniquely qualified to fulfill this need

Believe it or not, after reading the first page of most business plans, investors often to do not understand the business in which the company is operating. This is particularly true when the company is involved in a complex, highly technical business. It may seem obvious, but it is critical to remember that investors cannot invest in what they do not understand. The executive summary must simplify the definition of the business to develop interest and promote a clear understanding.

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