Sample Business Plan for Startups
Originally published: 16/01/2017 11:44
Last version published: 21/03/2019 15:27
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Sample Business Plan for Startups

Detailed sample business plan illustrating required key points, using Startup Professionals as the example.

This is an actual business plan, prepared by Startup Professionals, which illustrates the required sections and financial projections in 17 pages.

It is available to download instantly and demonstrates, in great detail, the different components of a business plan.
This should come in handy for entrepreneurs who wonder what an actual plan looks like, and what it should include. The download gives examples of what should be written for sections such as Executive Summary, The Company, Offerings, Competitive Summary, Marketing, Sales, Management, and Financial Projections.

Creating a strong business plan is a hugely important step in the development of small and medium size businesses, particularly in regards to gaining funding, hiring employees, and also helping to formulate the vision and future progress of your business.

Excellently laid out, including visual aspects and different forms of data presentation, this tool will provide a strong reference for those creating their own business plan.

If you have any questions on this business plan, or need advice on how to best create your business plan you can start a discussion below. Alternatively, you can privately message me directly via my Eloquens author channel.

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- Marty

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  • Rahul Agnihotri516(last updated: 04/04/2019 18:14)
    Not happy with download
    This business plan is nothing more than what are freely available on internet for download. In the description it specified that many visual graphics are available in plan. The fact is there are not more than 2 or 3 graphics and some of the key facts like Market size, Market opportunity and others are totally missing. On the top, the 1st page that shows some visualisations, is just for showcase and ideally in the main plan there is nothing specified or shown different. Please do not waste time and money in downloading this.
  • Alice Le(last updated: 02/02/2019 16:48)
  • Pratik Bansal(last updated: 01/02/2019 12:26)
  • Prashant Panchal(last updated: 31/01/2019 21:04)
  • Rutooj Deshpande(last updated: 14/12/2018 11:41)
  • Mike Clark(last updated: 26/10/2018 08:36)
  • Παπαζαχαρίου Πέτρος(last updated: 19/10/2018 10:07)
  • Pratyush Ranjan(last updated: 02/10/2018 07:02)
  • Jiraporn Chananurak(last updated: 11/07/2018 17:03)
  • SUROJIT DAS(last updated: 22/04/2018 07:06)


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  • Rahul Agnihotri516
    Why on the first page, you show so many things and specify that visualisations are there but ideally there is not more than 2 visualisations when you buy and download complete version. Also, most of the concepts of the business plan are missing from the main document
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    • Marty Zwilling
      Sorry that you are disappointed in the visualizations, but the plan does contain what I consider the most important elements - problem, solution, opportunity sizing, competition, business model, marketing, sales, people, and financial projections. As an active angel investor, these are the elements I look for. More visualizations and additional elements are good, but not necessary to get my interest. What else can I send you that might offset your concerns?
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