Professional Financial Model in Excel
Originally published: 15/04/2019 15:05
Last version published: 04/09/2020 11:14
Publication number: ELQ-67324-6
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Professional Financial Model in Excel

Excel professional financial model to make financial projections for your business.


Template interface supports 10 languages
3 languages added by default:

- English
- Spanish
- Russian

Flexible configuration of taxes
Full freedom to design applicable tax solutions.
Set a flat or progressive scale, manipulate plug-in tax schemes, manage tax rates. design your schemes.

The tool allows you to make calculations in ten different currencies at once:
- set primary planning currency;
- set your courses in different planning periods;
- create your own currency calculation.

Management "VAT"
Now you can control the VAT by one click on the position.

For each position of the financial plan income and expenses you can One click to determine - to consider VAT or not, and set the amount of VAT.

Speed, convenience and freedom of planning
The template will allow you to flexibly manipulate source data, manage periods, set costs in proportion to all revenues or from a particular product or service.

The template is dynamically expandable and has no limits
on the amount of input source information.
You define the scope and volume of the information you enter yourself.

Without VBA
The template does not use VBA and at the same time it is easily dynamically expanded using only regular Excel features.

The calculations we have created and the logic of data interaction are expanded by using the simple “copy past” operation.

Analysts and analysis
The template allows you to define your own catalog of products and services, product groups.
Set for further analysis of analytical groups for all types of income and expenses of the project.

The tool contains:
- Product Analysis;
- Production Cost Analysis and Cost Calculation;
- Cost analysis for analytical groups;
- Graphic Analysis;
- Financing structure;

Building forecasts
The tool allows you to quickly build three types of forecasts:
- Realistic;
- Optimistic;
- Pessimistic.

Reports and estimates
- Profit and Loss Statement (by month within the planning period);
- Flow of funds (by month within the planning period);

- Automatically calculated investment attractiveness indicators:

PP — Payback period;
PI — Profitability index;
IRR — Internal rate of return;
NPV — Net present value.

- Automatically calculated funding requirement and size of borrowed capital;
- Break-even point calculation;
- Financial performance:
ROI, %;
Return on sales by net profit (ROS), %;
Interest coverage ratio;

Open source code
For specialists, we offer the possibility of self-modification of the template code.

Excel is a tool that allows any specialist, having studied the basic functionality to create their own unique calculations, forms, graphics.

The open source code of a professional tool allows everyone to significantly reduce the time to get their unique result when planning. It is much easier to refine the functionality with a good open base.

This Best Practice includes
1 - Professional template of financial model in Excel (.xlsx); 1 - Manual (.pdf);

Acquire business license for $199.00

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  • Elena Serdukova(last updated: 23/08/2020 06:17)
    Fantastic finance instrument for planing.
    I use it for solving my every day tasks and demonstrate results my clients and colleages. It is good desicion for finance modeling. There are friendly interface and useful reports and diagrams for analysis. In my opinion it is best instrument for finance consultants, economists, investors and all who need modeling their business.
  • Alex Sander(last updated: 20/08/2020 10:14)
    Good decision
    The tool solves the problem well, the support works on excellent
  • Andrey Yakimov(last updated: 20/08/2020 09:23)
    Excellent tool
    We have been on the real estate market for 2 years. Financial model in Today we open a new direction for us - selling commercial real estate. And here, when expanding the field of activity of the company, the model also actively works, because any changes affect the financial result and cash flows.The most flexible and least expensive is financial modeling in Excel. Of the products offered by Aitilect, we preferred. With its help, we have optimally adjusted all calculations, taking into account the nuances of our company.


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  • Hallak Inc.
    Is there a discount code for this tool?
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    • Itillect
      We apologize for the long answer, your question has passed our attention. Yes, we have a 30% off BEHAPPY promo code.
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    • Millon Landers
      Can I modify the or increase the number of product categories in this model
      arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
      • Itillect
        You can find the information on page 42 of the user guide.

        Technical Features of Working with the Tool
        Adding lines to the template
        By default all tables are designed for 40 records. The necessary formulas are inserted in the tables and the tool is ready to expand the number of lines. You can expand the range with the required number of lines as follows:
        Step 1. Select the last line of a table with data.
        Step 2. On the right side, grab the lower right corner of the selection with the mouse and stretch to the required number of lines.
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