How to train Management Consultants & Business Analysts
Originally published: 07/03/2020 17:53
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How to train Management Consultants & Business Analysts

In this presentation I will show you how you can train great Management Consultants and Business Analysts

Having good people that can do great job is the fundamental thing that every consulting firm has to secure. If you a smaller consulting firm you will struggle with attracting the best and brightest. Therefore, the training process at your firm is crucial. It will help you deliver great results for your customers and scale your business. However, training Business Analysts and Management Consultants is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to transform a freshman into a world class Business Analyst. I had the pleasure to train numerous Management Consultants and Business Analyst that not only did a great job at consulting firms but later on went on to become partners and directors at PE funds, COO, CEO, CRO, Directors. In this course I will show you what process and tools I have been using and I will teach you how to train your Business Analysts and Management Consultants efficiently (fast and with little resources). Thanks to the approach that I will show in this course you will have a significant competitive advantage over others.
In the presentation you will learn the following things:
1. How to define the profile of the ideal consultant
2. What options are on the table when it comes to training consultants and business analysts
3. How to estimate the costs of each every type of training
4. How to allocate time to training
5. How to build the training machine for your firm

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