Human Resources and Finance Excel Dashboard
Originally published: 02/04/2019 13:02
Last version published: 11/03/2021 15:29
Publication number: ELQ-21616-6
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Human Resources and Finance Excel Dashboard

This is a high-quality KPI dashboard to monitor the performance of your Human Resource and Finance department.

This is a highly detailed, yet succinct Key Performance Indicators KPI dashboard for Human Resources and Finance.

Ready-to-use and instantly downloadable, this tool is excellently presented, whilst being clear and easy for the user to manipulate.

This KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboard is an important resource for professionals to monitor and track the strengths and weaknesses of specific department areas, in order to increase performance. Within this tool are a number of key metrics, these include:

- Allocated cost by Department, Actual vs. Plan
- Satisfaction Metrics, including Customer Satisfaction Change Year on Year, and the Staff Satisfaction Change in Time.
- Staff Trained
- Length of Service (from under 6 months up to over 10 years)
- Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
- Revenue
- Operational Metrics
- Other include: Employee attendance, Overtime Hours YTD, Total Overtime Hours, Leads per Employee, Leave Balances, On time Completion, Resellers, and Projects in the Works.

There is a logical progression for the inputting of data in order to best calculate the results of your team.

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